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These two men are the same

Bellingcat has brought out part two of its proof that Sergeyev and Fedotov are the same man. In a tediously long article it takes the reader down the road of four months of investigation that led to the conclusion with which it first started. Helped along the way by the western-sponsored Fontanka (named after one of St. Petersburg’s canals) it makes poor reading. Fontanka’s owner is Victor Shkulev, a man reputably buying up media outlets in the manner Rupert Murdoch once did.

I have to confess I am not very good at recognising people from photographs so in fairness I am not best placed to contradict Professor Hassan Ugail (whose name Bellingcat cannot spell) of the Centre for Visual Computing (whose name Bellingcat cannot spell, despite the funding the blog-site gets). Using sophisticated software his team has concluded that the two men in the pictures above are the same. I have shown these likenesses to someone close to me with better face-recognition skills than me. She could not see it.

The grainy image of the man on the right is clearly some twenty years older and he appears to have found a cure for a receding hairline. He also appears to have had a nose-job. To be fair, though, the only test I have been able to do  is in no way conclusive. I held a ruler across chin-lines, mouth-lines, nose-lines, eye-lines, eyebrow lines, and head-lines. They did not match but then that is only a basic test and does not involve any algorithms. So I hold my hand up, and take my cap off, to the superior skills of the Centre for Visual Computing at Bradford for being able to establish that this is Bellingcat’s man.

There is so little time to take apart this hotchpotch of items cobbled together as fact, and time is so precious, I must leave that task to others who have more freedom on their hands. I was rather disappointed that Bellingcat did not mention the Denis Vyacheslavovich Sergeyev I discovered working in the Russian Embassy in Marseille. I was simply told by Bellingcat that there were “tons” of them. Although when I asked if they could confirm that my discovery was not the same man my enquiry met with silence. In their heavily-funded searches they obviously did not find the vice-consul of Marseille but they did find someone with nearly the same name, Denis Vyacheslav Segeyev, and that better fitted their pre-formed meme of vilifying Russia.

Anyway I really must thank Professor Hassan Ugail, and his team, for being able to establish that these identities were the same. I’m sure I could not have done it. What about you?


An old lady’s grief for her family

Yelena Yakovlyena, ageing mother of former GRU colonel, Sergey Skripal, has filed a missing-person report for her son, whose health has reportedly deteriorated according to a “well-informed source“. Remarkable where the Sun gets all its nameless sources from and not an actual person that a proper investigative journalist could question. And it is not just the Sun but all media outlets on the Skripal affair.

The Russian Embassy has issued a statement saying that they do not know whether Sergey Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, are still alive. Having explored all avenues open to them, offering help in the investigation, and having repeatedly sent Notes Verbales (all ignored) they can well understand the concern of the old lady and consider her appeal “fully-justified”. The British side denies having received an official missing-person request.

I believe, like Viktoria Skripal, Yulia’s cousin, that Sergey Skripal is already dead and I will go on believing it unless proved otherwise. Yulia may well be dead too. Still we have to go on hoping. So keep signing this petition.

The whole story from when it started almost a year ago up to today has been so irregular. The Skripals have been reported dead. Then they were recovering. Even Sky News did not know what was happening. Sergey was at death’s door and miraculously recovered the next moment. This whole business has the DNA of our secret services written all over it. Why else would journalists, MPs, doctors, concerned family members, human rights organisations and representatives of the Russian Embassy not be allowed to interview the Skripals to check they were being well treated if we did not have something to hide?


What have our spooks done to Yulia?

If there is an innocent party in the Salisbury poisonings it has to be Yulia Skripal. If she is still alive how frightened she must be to have been taken away from normal society, from everyday interactions, from contact with the outside world. Her life has been sad. In Moscow she was in a relationship, almost a marriage. It was a brief period of happiness in a life which has seen the loss of her mother, Lyudmilla, brother Alexandr (in the featured image) all her pets, (guinea-pigs, cats, dogs) and possibly her father (since we have heard nothing from him either).

Nobody from the media has been given access to her. Her family cannot see her. Representatives from the Russian Embassy cannot see her (in contravention of international law) and in short she is alone in the world. For that reason I ask anyone who has concern for her as a fellow human being to sign this petition.

Thank you.

Did Bellingcat get something wrong?

After writing my last blogpost about the latest Bellingcat “revelations” I decided to go looking for their man wanted for poisoning the Skripals. If what I found is correct and it is the same man, he is still living under his real name (not Fedotov) and is now the Vice Consul of the recently-opened Russian Embassy in Marseille, France, the one pictured in the featured image. It could be a different person, of course, but that is generally the career path of a spook. Ask Pablo Miller and Christopher David Steele.

I don’t expect Eliot Higgins or Moritz Rakuszitzky to thank me for saving them further embarrassment because according to them the Russians had stopped any search reference to Sergeyev, that is Denis Vyacheslavovich Sergeyev. Bellingcat wrote:

“Notably, we have established that in the last two months, Russian authorities have taken the unusual measure of erasing any public records of the existence of Denis Sergeev, as well as of Anatoly Chepiga and Alexander Mishkin, the main two suspects in the Skripal poisoning.”

So after a few hours he turns up alive and well and is unlikely to be connected with his “alter ego”, as Bellingcat put it, Sergey Vyacheslavovich Fedotov. Here is a contact number if our spooks want to get in touch with theirs, though it is for emergency.

Russian Embassy in Marseilles staff

I wonder if part 2 of the Bellingcat saga will appear unchanged.

Told you – Bellingcat takes the dosh

In my last blog exposing the fact that the Skripals were not poisoned by Novichok or any other military-grade organophosphate I mentioned that there was allegedly a third suspect in this non-event invented by our spooks. To me it came as no surprise to learn the suspect was Russian. I wrote:

“You watch, very soon a picture will appear of this latest fictitious character, and Bellingcat will be paid thousands to tell us who it “really” is!”

It was very soon indeed. Here it is. Leaving aside for a moment the accuracy of the identity of Sergey Vyachaeslavovich Fedotov and Denis Vyacheslavovich Sergeev being one and the same person, and the grainy image of a head, there is nothing in the Bellingcat article which links him to Salisbury, and it “is unclear what Fedotov’s role may have been, if any, in the preparation and execution of the poisoning operation.” You have to get to the foot of the article before this confession appears. The rest, and there’s a lot of it, is speculation from a pre-conceived position of “guilty until proved innocent”.

Anyway it all detracts from the prima facie fact that the Skripals were never taken into hospital with nerve agent poisoning. What they were exposed to subsequently is anyone’s guess. It is unlikely they will be heard from again with Yulia going off script the last time she spoke with her cousin Viktoria more than 6 months ago.

If Bellingcat can speculate it leaves the field open for other bloggers, even those of us not relying on the funding and expertise of Integrity Initiative and Orbis Business Intelligence. So what do I think has happened?

First I think Sergei Skripal is on ice in some military morgue waiting for the story of how he died to be released to MSM. When our secret services set up this unfortunate saga they had to have patsies, Russian patsies, a person or persons to take the rap to ensure the blame never came back to its originators. Sergei Skripal alone provided Pablo Miller (today a major player in one of the fabrication businesses: Orbis Business Intelligence) with files on some 300 GRU employees. Skripal would not have been the only greedy man selling names of his compatriots but it could well be that Denis Vyacheslavovich Sergeev was one of the names Skripal sold.

If western secret-services then made attempts to recruit him, or actually recruited him, and gave hime a credit limit of about one million US dollars up to 2009 to run a fictitious company Loreven Style Ltd as a front for espionage activities, they would have all the paper-work and his handlers over here would be aware of his movements, especially when he was meeting with his handlers. That being the case there is nothing at all investigative about this latest Bellingcat farce.

The document below looks particularly suspicious. Anyone could have made it up (in fact anyone could have made up any of the documents in the Bellingcat blog). For a start it mentions no bank.

Заключение кредитного комитета means “Decision of the credit committee” and СОГЛАСОВАНО means that it has approved (and the next two items) a limit of 1066192 in US dollars. I cannot think of a Russian Bank, or any bank, that might approve this and it is much more likely a means of money-laundering, if the document is a genuine history. The credit limit would surely be what he was allowed and not actually what he got, or at least there is no indication of any transactions to show what he got. We might have to wait for those. Bellingcat says this document was “obtained from a leaked Russian credit history collection”. Why anybody would leak anything to an outfit like Bellingcat with its history is beyond me.

The pseudonym of Sergey Vyacheslavovich Fedotov allegedly belongs to Denis Vyacheslavovich Sergeyev (Sergeyev could be formed from the first name Sergey, and the first letter of his patronymic Vyacheslavovich) while retaining the patronymic, and adding a surname Fedotov. Oh, these stupid Russians! You would have thought they could come up with something less obvious like Antonio Alvarez de Hidalgo.  But then they are not British are they?

This theory is much more convincing to my mind than our secret services being able to scrutinise personal bank transactions of individuals living in Russia. If they could do that the Russian banks would need to up their game and perhaps start using Kaspersky. The whole saga reeks of the pipe-smoking inventors of the Trump “golden showers”. Perhaps Sergeyev was the one who fed Orbis that story. Perhaps Skripal fed our spooks Sergeyev. And because the “golden showers” proved to be a fairy story now it’s payback time for both. Except we don’t know where Sergeyev (or Fedotov) is yet. Never mind there is apparently more to come next week. Yawn.





More disinformation

Media lies regarding the Skripals continue like a torrent. Now there is a third man allegedly responsible for the so-called attempted murder of the Skripals conjured up by disinformation specialists.

Sergey Fedotov, is the supposed alias of a Russian agent in this latest manifestation in a saga which has seen the Skripal house taken apart for decontamination from a supposed military-grade organophosphate which our media dubbed “Novichok”. It was dubbed Novichok (a western invented name) to blame this MI6-scripted narrative on those pesky Russians. You watch, very soon a picture will appear of this latest fictitious character, and Bellingcat will be paid thousands to tell us who it “really” is!

As I demonstrated in my last piece on Pablo Miller there never was any “military-grade poison”, no Novichok or similar substance. If there had been Salisbury would have been shut down. Fentanyl was the substance identified by the experts. The letter from Stephen Davies reproduced in the featured image is quite categorical that there was no nerve agent. It was written because the A&E department was getting flooded with people imagining they had been poisoned by a nerve agent thanks to a gullible press and the uncaring people who feed them these nonsense stories. Stephen Davies had to write the letter to allay general fears in the city.

Since then, from memory, a park-bench has been destroyed, tables from Gigi’s destroyed and most of the Skripal house has been taken apart over this scandalous fabrication. The Skripals have probably been murdered to keep them quiet. (At least neither has been heard of for six months.) Yulia Skripal’s cousin, Viktoria Skripal, was the last to have heard Yulia’s voice. Unfortunately Yulia went off-script, apologised for previous criticisms of her cousin and said that now she knew everything because she had been given access to the internet. That was a costly mistake. Now Viktoria Skripal is filing or has filed a missing persons report seeking the whereabouts of Yulia and her father.

The disinformation specialists Orbis Business Intelligence, Integrity Initiative and the ludicrous Bellingcat have cost to the taxpayer millions to perpetuate one of the biggest porkies since 9/11.

When Russia gets it wrong

I am not a Jehovah’s Witness but the persecution of any religious sect, providing it does not deliberately cause suffering, is wrong. Russia got it wrong on this issue and when Russia gets it wrong I will criticise Russia. A Danish Jehovah’s Witness, Dennis Christensen, has been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for practising his faith.  The Supreme Court of Russia has declared the Jehovah Witness organisation to be “extremist”.

This is reminiscent of the pogroms against Jews – or perhaps even more reminiscent of the persecution of Quakers (Society of Friends) here in England in the 17th and early 18th centuries. What George III’s long reign brought, if nothing else, was increased toleration of religious sects following his marriage to Quaker beauty, Hannah Lightfoot, (before his bigamous marriage which spawned the current royal progeny and before the Royal Marriages Act of 1772).

From what I have seen of Jehovah’s Witnesses they are little different from any other fundamentalist religious sect. They are dogmatic and preach their own message as the only truth. Any member at the meeting house who questions the dogma is brought before the elders to be put right. Mostly their Christian views are tolerable and based in scripture. They even give scriptural sources for not allowing blood transfusions. It is not for me. I don’t like to be told how to box my thoughts – even if I’m wrong.

But then again to imprison somebody who wants to preach his faith and to confiscate the sect’s property is beyond my comprehension in a modern pluralist and supposedly tolerant society.