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The murder of Nikolai Glushkov

Hunting the wren

The police have just announced that Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov, living in London at the time of his death, was murdered by compression to the neck. This came a week after the Skripal case in which, according to our press, there was an attempt by Russia to murder Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. Two days ago the Russian newspaper Kommersant (Businessman), owned by oligarch Alisher Usmanov contained an article entitled “Strangulation on the Thames”.

Do I believe the Russians were involved in the so-called attempted murder of the Skripals? No. I believe it was a false flag set up by our government to scupper the World Cup. Do I believe that some Russian agents may have killed Glushkov? Quite possibly. That murder opens up a whole can of worms.

In one way it could have been done to demonstrate to Theresa May just how the Russian secret services commit murder. They have never used a nerve agent in the past and never tried to endanger anybody but the target. If this theory is correct then our government is to blame for Glushkov’s death. Without the Skripal nonsense this murder would have been unnecessary. Of course it may not be the Russians. That we will never know.

As with all real murder enquiries they are rarely solved within days, like the Skripal farrago. Before an arrest is made there needs to be a suspect who can be arrested. That is where Boris Johnson, already a laughing stock on the world stage, made his big mistake claiming a 9.98 out of 10 certainty that Vladimir Putin was to blame. Come on then Boris, tell us who killed Glushkov.

The Can of Worms

Amid all the hype of the Skripal false-flag a real murder took place eight days after that alleged event. Glushkov’s death was formerly denoted as ‘unexplained’ and it took our police two days to say pretty much the same thing as Kommersant had claimed earlier. My purpose here is not to describe the circumstances of Glushkov’s death, though I understand that his daughter found the 68 year old’s body.

Glushkov was a friend of Boris Berezovsky, who allegedly committed suicide. He was part of the get-rich quick oligarch fraternity of Russians who screwed their country and settled in the cesspool of London money-launderers. Some might refer to this clique as the Russian mafia. He had a top executive position with the Russian airline Aeroflot and was found guilty of large-scale fraud. He was sentenced to eight years in a penal colony for siphoning off millions of rubles belonging to Aeroflot.

Now here’s the rub. According to an article in OffGuardian an individual tried to help Glushkov escape from hospital and avoid justice. That individual was Andrei Lugovoi. The OffGuardian article which everyone should read says:

“It also turns out that Lugovoi not only had a close association with Berezovsky right up to the moment of Litvinenko’s death, but was also convicted by a Russian court shortly after Berezovsky fled Russia of trying to arrange the escape of Nikolai Glushkov, one of Berezovsky’s close associates, from a hospital where he was in pre-trial detention on a fraud charge.”

For those who did not follow the Litvinenko farce Lugovoi was one of the two people accused of killing Alexander Litvinenko, the other being Dmitry Kovtun. According to our media, and Sir Robert Owen who pronounced in the Litvinenko Inquiry, these were KGB agents, when in fact they were small-time criminals and friends of Litvinenko, Berezovsky and other oligarchs.

The problems this is likely to cause are massive. This murder will show that the two aforementioned Russians were not responsible for the death of Litvinenko, who was probably smuggling polonium 210 on behalf of Berezovsky. Therefore Russia could have had him murdered to bring to light the injustice of the false accusations against Lugovoi and Kovtun for the murder of Litvinenko. At the same time it shows what a load of tosh the Skripal business is and how much of our taxes have been squandered on the show to scupper the World Cup.

How this will eventually pan out is anyone’s guess but it will take a while and be much harder for fictional detectives like Miss Marples and Boris Johnson to solve in a fortnight. This story really could run and run. At the moment the score is Russia 2 – UK/US 0.



Big Pharma brings Aussie and French Flus to the UK

“Facebook has just announced that it is employing 10,000 more people to be directly engaged in censorship – ostensibly to weed out “fake news”, which evidently includes disagreement with Israel. The main role will of course be the suppression of any alternative view to the neo-liberal propaganda spewed out by the corporate and state media.” Craig Murray.

Click on the link at the end of this paragraph which is to a Facebook page. That means you probably need to watch it quick before the army of 10,000 are launched upon it. In brief it concerns Big Pharma and vaccines and how these profiteers spread Fake News using MSM. I know there are a lot who swear by vaccines. I believe they are useful to an extent – the elimination (almost) of smallpox for example. However, like statins, Big Pharma wants everyone on them. You’ll love this.

According to the Telegraph flu has increased in the first week of January. “Overall, the rate of hospitalised cases has risen by 51 per cent, the statistics show.  The figures, which cover the week ending on 7 January, show  7.38 cases per 100,000 population, compared with rates of 4.89 per 100,000 the previous week.”

Wait a minute I ask myself wasn’t the previous week Christmas and New Year week, when all the practices were closed and everybody was trying to have a good time? And wasn’t the week after the week when everybody was due back in work? Hmm!

There are other suspect messages in the Telegraph article. For example “The total death toll is now 85, up from 48 in previous reports this season.” Hang on. The total death toll being cumulative is going to increase. It is not going to go down. When were the “previous reports”?

But it’s worse than just Aussie Flu. It is turning into a pandemic because according to the Mirror French Flu is about to hit our shores which is even deadlier than Aussie Flu. Every news article or programme tells you that vaccine is what we all need. “The flu vaccine is the best protection we have, although because flu strains change, it needs to be done every year.” Well getting vaccinated every year is good for Big Pharma but if that is true that we all need vaccinating why it is that – and here the Mirror cites the Telegraph article – “NHS trusts are failing to get medical workers to have flu jabs amid the warnings that the French epidemic could spread to Britain.” Do medical workers know something we don’t?

I had flu in 1957, Asian Flu as it was called. It was very unpleasant. I recall getting out of bed to go to the toilet and my legs collapsing under me. I had a temperature of 104F (40C) and was the second highest on my GP’s list he told me (the highest had polio). Asian flu killed an estimated one million to two million people worldwide. Since then the strain H2N2 has morphed but the death toll has never been so great as it was then. I’m with the nurses and other medics on this one. Even though it is free at my age I’ll take my chance.

Big Pharma has a lot to answer for. See also my article on statins.






9/11 and another beer-can analogy

Further to my earlier experiment on 3 January I conducted the third and final beer-can experiment. What it showed was you cannot take two chunks out of the side of a beer-can and expect it to be as strong as a non-fractured can. However there were lessons to learn.

I took a brick weighing 4.92 lbs and put it on top of the fractured can. Then another brick of the same weight. And another. The sixth brick collapsed the can. And the bricks fell to earth. So that damaged beer-can weighing just over 1/2 oz (0.6) would not support 6 bricks weighing 29.48 lbs before giving way. It would however support 5 bricks (24.6 lbs).

Banks collapse 3

There are 16 oz in a lb

24.6 lbs x 16 = 121.032 oz

How much could the beer-can support of its own weight?

121.032 / 0.6 = 201.72

You can now explain to people that a beer-can into which flew an imaginary plane causing entry and exit fractures will still support more than 200 times its own weight. Furthermore when it did collapse the bricks fell to the side where the excisions had been made. The can did not collapse to the ground but just crushed down at the fracture point.

You can see I have had to drink more cans of beer than is good for me. Sometimes in the interests of science these sacrifices have to be made!

11 remarks on this photo

This is a pretty impressive piece of aerial photography. Perhaps things can be learnt from it. Taking into consideration that the high quality photograph was taken 12 days after 9/11 my observations are these.

1. Near the centre of where both towers stood there appear to be very few metal beams joined together.
2. There appear to be no great chunks of concrete, in fact hardly any concrete at all.
3. There is a huge pile of dust across the street from tower 1 looking like a grey snowdrift against the largely intact parts of the outer (I presume) side of the building which have been deposited across the street. There are other huge piles of dust.
4. The largely intact parts of the building are what I suspect most engineers would expect to see in a cold collapse (piled high like a mountain). Certainly it is what I would expect to see.
5. Unlike the “spire” these largely intact parts must have been thrown outwards I suspect. “Down and out” as Jonathan Cole shows using timed explosives. These prefabricated spandrel-welded sections are spread outwards from the centre for both towers.
6. There is a very hot event still going on underground where the core of Tower 1 is centred. (Witness the smoke, and the smoking gun).
7. Some of the biggest beams are lying horizontally around the core. Not one of them appears to be connected to another.
8. Near the core there are very few prefabricated sections, yet there was a whole inner perimeter of them which included “the spire which turned to dust”. It certainly needs asking where they went.
9. None of the beams that I can see suffers deformation. Yet none are joined together.
10. The still standing parts of both towers (towards the roads) indicate that any explosives were largely placed away from the roads probably to try and protect other buildings outside the WTC complex.
11. The still standing parts of both towers (although this is a plan perspective) indicate that the inner part of the demolition is level with the road.

Conclusion. A nuclear device destroyed the inner core. Explosives (possibly nano-thermite) were used to separate the outer structure from the inner structure. But there is no way those buildings could have come down almost in freefall from a small damaged section above the main superstructure.

It is a good photo though and if by clicking on it you do not zoom in on the brilliant definition you can use this link.


More on beer-can analogy

I have previously written about beer-cans as an analogy for 9/11 twin towers and how they could not have fallen as they did.

Christmas Day 2017 I proved that two empty Banks’ beer-cans would independently support the weight of child A (weighing 25 kilos or 55 lbs) and child B (weighing 45 kilos or 99 lbs). The cans did not buckle.

When cans buckle there is no set uniformity in the way they buckle but it takes an awful lot of kinetic energy to collapse them.

I had previously established that two empty beer cans together weigh 1.2 oz approximately. There are 16 ounces in a pound (avoirdupois).

The weight in ounces of the heavier child B is 99 x 16 = 1584 oz

So the two cans could at least support (1584 / 1.2) = 1320 times their own weight.

It follows that one can would support 660 times its own weight.

Read more…

A single twin tower from beer-cans

What the truth is about 9/11 and the demolition of the twin towers remains to be discovered. Certainly the official explanation does not hold water. You only have to read Richard Gage on the crush-down crush-up theory of Bazant to know what bunkum it is.“Evidently this crush down model and theory is complete nonsense, but it is the official explanation(s) of the WTC 1 destruction on 9/11! A small, fairly weak part C, 95% air, cannot possibly crush a big part A of similar structure only due to gravity and compress it into a 87.3 meters tall tower of rubble on the ground after 10 seconds! Anyone that has just dropped anything on something knows this. Try then to crush this something! You need a big force for that, which gravity alone cannot provide.”

Scaling the twin towers down and relying on layman’s terms the ‘big force’ needed would be something like the power-driving necessary to crush an aluminium beer-can. It would in fact  need more since structural steel is stronger than aluminium. But because Newton applied his third law – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – across the range of materials, beer-cans make for a reasonable analogy. They are not perfectly analogous, for example, in a beer-can there is no inner core, there are no floors, doors or windows, but we can learn something from this very simple experiment.

To model the twin towers using beer-cans it is necessary to know the thickness of the aluminium. As I cut up beer-cans to make packing shim for my centre lathe I can tell you the thickness is 0.1mm (0.004″). The following are rough workings but good enough to demonstrate the scaling principle.

Circumference of beer-can = 8.15 inches = 0.68 ft
Perimeter of twin tower = 787.2 feet
Scaling is 1158 : 1

Thickness of beer can = 0.1mm = 4 thou.

Therefore for scaling up the beer-can walls to what they would measure at twin tower dimensions.

1158 x 0.004 = 4.632 inches

The thickness of the box columns in the twin towers were at their weakest 1/4 inch by 14 inch square. They also had spandrels welded across them of about 1/4 inch. These box pillars were spaced some 3 feet apart and welded together in strips of three across spandrels which I estimate themselves are five feet deep, ten feet wide and 1/4 inch thick. The inner core was even more rigid.

Scale models are used to test the viability of something being built. Engineers know that scaling up, and down works, as it should. That’s why they do it.

The structure of beer-cans is much less sturdy than the twin towers. When I did the above rough calculation to scale beer-cans to twin tower dimensions it surprised me to learn that it would take less than two and a half beer-cans to reach above twin towers proportions (about the same as you see in the photo). They look fatter but that is because they are cylindrical/

Anybody who still believes the nonsense that the top of the twin towers could cause a crush-down effect should stamp on a beer-can. Yes, it can be crushed down. But the amount of kinetic energy needed is huge. Also it does not always crush down evenly. It could not be done for example by dropping an empty, or even a full beer-can (believe me don’t waste the beer) so why anybody thinks it could happen to the twin towers is beyond me. Yet that is what those asking you to believe the crush down theory or the progressive collapse theory want you to believe.

Thankfully I never bought into that bunkum. But then I am a toolmaker. As Jonathan Cole quoting Feynman emphasised: “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it does not matter how smart you are, if it does not agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”


The seduction of young Thimble

“A thousand good fabrications speak much louder than a standard column inch.” That’s what ‘Call me Jake’, Rory’s boss and associate editor, told him when he first started at the Drudge Online. Look at him now a few months later! Wow! Trainee in the morning ── fully-blown reporter by the time the sun fell over the Thames.

Now that’s something to make a young pup really stand on his hind legs. He proudly changes his job-title on Twitter and Google accounts to Reporter. Wagging his tail he looks and feels very satisfied with himself.

Rory Thimble swivels on his chair. He cannot believe his luck. Little over two years ago he was pumping out and editing parochial pulp for an online student paper ─ The North Dulham Small Globe.

Today he has just come back from an expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean with ‘Call me Jake’ and another helpful hack from the Drudge.

“Did I not promise you would see the world? That’s what happens when you move into the big-time. And you have the Owners to thank for that Rory“.

Thimble thinks back to the generous invitation from the Owners and the niggling reservations he felt when approached about this working holiday. All those LGBT links of Jake’s in truth gave him some concern. Was it really a good idea for a recently-graduated neophyte to go abroad with an ageing journo? Would he still be able to hold his head up at Raven Cottage?

‘Call me Jake’ sensed something of Thimble’s worries.

“As a family man I will take care of you like my own son. We have so much to look forward to: fresh sea-breezes, sunshine, beaches, speedboats, porpoises, albatrosses, pelicans ─ and lots of other firsts you barely ever catch a glimpse of in Dulham or Dulham North.”

“It’s just that . . .”

“The Owners are putting a lot of money behind this project.”

“Will we be sharing?”

“Of course not. The Drudge is not the Daily Worker. No expenses spared here. The Owners . . . ”

“That’s one of my worries. I’m a little puzzled why the Owners get us to do so much LGBT stuff?”

“Oh, I see.” The penny drops and ‘Call me Jake’ cups his chin in his hands. “No fears there young Thimble. No fears at all. Look, I know from the pieces you wrote at Uni’ you have care for the planet, green energy and all that. Well, the Owners do too.”


“Meaning the more we promote LGBT rights and try to make this alternative lifestyle the norm, the less of a population explosion we have to deal with. It’s easy maths. And it’s much more humane than war.”

“Hmm, I see what you mean.”

“But we don’t have to conform.”

All Thimble’s university morals were gradually being turned on their head by the Hegelian associate editor. After his expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean he no longer believed in sustainable energy. As his boss pointed out windmills would be upended in the bracing “sea-breezes” with the forces of Irma and Maria. Thinking it through he realised there was no way either that tidal power could be harnessed in the girly ”sea breezes”. His boss was right. Thimble’s respect for ‘Call me Jake’ was growing daily.

He spins round in his chair again and punches the air. Dulham have just scored.

“What are you writing?” Jake is suddenly upon him. Thinking quickly Rory hits the ALT TAB keys to refresh the screen back to an article: ‘Woman with peanut allergy tries to sue President Carter”.

“Drop that” says his boss. I need you to write another exclusive about the widespread anti-Semitism which is engulfing the country.

“Another one? But you helped me write one a few weeks back Jake.”

“The Owners need more. We have to spoon-feed the masses so the elite can pick their bones clean. You and I, Rory, we are part of the elite. And there are rich pickings ahead.”

“OK. What’s the angle?”

“The rise in anti-Semitism.”

“I thought when you donned that kippa to antagonise the congregation at Finsbury Park Mosque you came to the conclusion that there was no anti-Semitism.”

“That’s not the news the Owners want to hear. So if we cannot find it, we must manufacture it. . . Anyway I’ve virtually written the piece for you.”

“Then why don’t you put your name to it if it’s ready to run?”

“It’s the court case. You know, the one against ambassador Murphy, who we stitched up. It wouldn’t look good at the moment under my name. There’s not much work. It’s virtually press-ready copy. You just need to interview somebody with first-hand experience of anti-Semitism.”

“And where will I find that somebody?”

“No worries there Thimble. . . Masonson, my lawyer who has pledged to ruin ambassador Murphy, has a girlfriend who regularly experiences anti-Semitism, in fact nearly every time she goes with her brother to disrupt Islamic meetings she comes across it. She’ll do the interview with pleasure.”

Thimble is not overly happy with this. He does not like to think an article he did not research is going to go out under his by-line. Thinking quickly he tries to wriggle out of the task.

“The readership will guess it’s not mine.”

“How do you mean?”

“People who know me know I am not really anti-Islamic.”

“That should be ‘People who knew’ you . . . You have new friends now. Remember?”

“Yes. I’m thankful for my new friends. But what if the public discovers that article I wrote about the hijab being the height of fashion regardless of what French racists say.”

“How can anyone discover that? We’ve taken it down.”

“What the one published in the North Dulham Small Globe Online?”

“Yes. It’s down. That’s the beauty of stuff you write online Thimble. You can easily remove it, vanish it into thin air just like popping a bubble as we did with that piece in the North Dulham Small Globe. Pop! I’ve just got rid of a load of potentially incriminating tweets regarding my pro-Israeli views before we take Murphy to the cleaners.”

“How can you be sure you’ll win?”

“It’s a near certainty. The Owners who own mainstream media have a large influence on the judiciary. Let’s say they are all members of the same clubs.”

Thimble has no other argument.

“You are sure nobody will find the hijab piece?”

“Absolutely certain. . . Now phone this number and speak to Ruth about the terrible anti-Semitism she has experienced.”

Things are not going well. Even if the money’s all right. When “Call me Jake” leaves Rory Thimble hits the ALT TAB keys only to find Dulham are losing 3 – 1.


(Disclaimer. Any likeness in this fictional story to any person living or dead is purely coincidental)