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BBC takes down its own report

Earlier today I was reading a short piece by Luciana Bohne in which she states that the Obama administration brought about regime-change in Ukraine. I know this is true, not just because Obama has admitted it, but because I saw the video of a Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleg Tsaryov say that Geoffrey Pyatt was organising this coup from the American Embassy in Kiev through a private organisation “Techcamp” three months before the coup took place.

What caught my eye was a comment which included a video link from BBC Russian correspondent Olga Ivshina in which she interviewed residents in the area where passenger plane MH17 exploded. This is a screenshot of the link.

When I clicked on it the following message appeared:

I had seen this report at the time the BBC first broadcast it. However it was removed from later News reports. Caches of the report exist and I am indebted to a colleague who supplied me with this one.

Nevertheless the BBC, I believe, has some explaining to do. I have sent a freedom of information request to give the BBC the opportunity to respond to some pertinent questions. My request entitled MH17 Catastrophe reads:

“Can I respectfully ask under FOI why any link to the report by BBC Russian correspondent Olga Ivshina tells me that it is not available in my country due to copyright law. I live in the UK where the BBC has its headquarters.

The report by Olga Ivshina who was in the Donetsk region includes interviews with eye-witnesses who saw another plane alongside MH17 and reported that the passenger plane broke up in mid-air.

My requests therefore are:

Why is the BBC suppressing this report by a BBC foreign correspondent?

Is there an agenda regarding the shooting down of MH17 which prohibits reports that do not fit the agenda?

In this era when Fake News is getting so much media attention is the BBC, by sin of omission, putting a deliberate slant on news concerning MH17?

Has the BBC sent this report to the Joint Investigation Team?

I would appreciate answers to these questions.

John Goss”





Gongs, Globes and Glory

Emma Stone is up for an Oscar for Best Actress as an award for her lacklustre performance in La La Land. She may well win it. It is the world we live in ― a world of lies and deceit.

Another nominee for an Oscar is a short documentary called White Helmets which follows the work of a paramilitary group purporting to be a first responder unit in the US-funded war in Syria. The director’s angle is focused on the first-responder aspect of this group, which itself was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace. It actually won the Right Livelihood Award.

Director, Orlando von Einsiedel, was nowhere near the shooting of film footage in Aleppo but safely on the border of Syria and Turkey. The White Helmets are US/UK-funded and set up by ex-military Sandhurst officer James Le Mesurier. Their reputation for impartial news is very low yet it has got many stories out broadcast on mainstream media later found to have been fake including the rescue of mannequins and the rescue of the same child on several occasions.

Those with power bestow honour on those who perform on their behalf. At the end of his term of office Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama awarded his sleazy vice president, Jo Biden, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Between them this pair and their staffers turned Ukraine into a failed state with an ongoing civil-war for which there appears to be no end. To rub salt in the Donbas people’s wounds Jo Biden’s junkie son, Hunter, is director of Burisma Holdings which plans to frack the life out of Ukraine’s countryside. Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy for Cocaine abuse the same year he became director of Burisma Holdings.

When the Nobel Peace Prize goes to people like Obama, Sadat and Begin it diminishes the value of the award. Perhaps all awards and medals should be scrapped. Except sometimes the recipient is worthy of decoration.

Why those of us on the left should not protest against Donald Trump

In a few hours Donald Trump will be inaugurated 45th President of the United States. He has made some outlandish statements regarding immigrants and women without even mentioning environmental issu…

Source: Why those of us on the left should not protest against Donald Trump

Why those of us on the left should not protest against Donald Trump

In a few hours Donald Trump will be inaugurated 45th President of the United States. He has made some outlandish statements regarding immigrants and women without even mentioning environmental issues. In his favour he has promised to take on the big pharmaceutical companies, improve relations with Russia and withdraw from supporting war in foreign lands. The purpose he says is to concentrate on internal US affairs creating small business opportunities to make the US great again. We have all heard superlative pre-election rhetoric from politicians and the broken promises that follow.

Trump though is not a politician. He is a businessman in the construction industry. A politician would never make totally adverse comments about women’s issues or any other issues perceived by most to be politically incorrect and therefore a vote-loser. That is one reason I believe him to be an honest man. He is misguided on some issues and fair on others. When the awful event that brought about endless war against Islamic countries which had oil and other resources  he was there in New York, and interviewed on state radio. Here is the interview he gave where he says there was no way the twin towers could have been brought down by aircraft alone broadcast on the very day they fell to earth.

I am a mechanical engineer and on this issue I know Trump was right. The bringing down of the twin towers and building 7 at the world trade centre changed the face of the world. It enabled George W. Bush to initialise the ongoing ‘war on terror’ as it was labelled then. Trump could see that those buildings could not have been brought down by aircraft alone. Today a growing number of architects and engineers agree. More than 2,750 well-qualified individuals do not believe that planes brought down the buildings. This number grows almost daily. It may be that the only way a proper inquiry into 9/11 can happen is when Trump becomes president. Sadly it might not be top of his priorities

Lots of protests have been arranged against Trump’s presidency and people need to ask themselves why. Good Americans usually accept it if an opposition politician wins over their approved choice. Why has that changed with Trump? George Soros has put big money into these protests. Soros and other mega-oligarchs do not want change. You watch at the inauguration the mainstream media will be focusing on support for protestors against Trump. Bear in mind that this is exactly the same thing that happened on Kiev’s Maidan.

The coverage of Maidan Square protests is a prime example of how our media manipulate thought. Protests on Maidan were broadcast almost nightly right up to February 2014 when the coup d’état took place. Interestingly after the coup, when Poroshenko, their man, was in charge, a terrible civil-war took place which has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 Ukrainians. This has hardly been touched upon by prime-time news in the BBC. It is disgusting that protests which were largely peaceful had so much coverage while the ensuing civil-war which is still going on and has claimed so many lives has been neglected beyond belief. Think about it.

Thanks to funding from individuals, foundations and organisations, including NATO, the Poroshenko puppet government was responsible for the first civil-war in Ukraine for more than 90 years and the death toll has been worse even than in Palestine over the last few years. To establish Poroshenko a legitimately elected government was deposed due to protests which got prime-time BBC and NBC coverage. There has not been a civil-war in America for more than 150 years. Yet the world manipulators would rather have a civil-war than see an elected president come to power who they cannot control. Others can see what is happening too. Professor Michel Chossudovsky can see that, like Ukraine, this is another attempt at a colour revolution.

The election of Trump is one of the most unique events in modern history. It gives a chance to return power to the people, rather than the secret services and their big-banking manipulators. Today the same oligarchs who own the media and support destabilising wars and bombings in Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Yemen and other countries where human life is given no consideration want the left, you and me, to protest on their behalf against Trump. I am not going to join these protests. Neither should you.

Lost in La La Land ‘starring’ Emma Stone

On Friday we went to see one of the worst musicals that can ever have hit the screen since Mama Mia ‘starring’ Meryl Streep. Mama Mia did not just fail because of Streep’s singing. The plot was weak due to the script having been contrived around Abba’s songs, which on their own are good easy listening.

La La Land (based on Hollywood) ‘stars’ Emma Stone. When you can’t sing and you do a musical if you previously had any credibility as an actress you’re going to lose it. Plots to both these films were weak and Ryan Gosling was left to try and save La La Land on his own – too much of a task though I thought he was very credible as a pianist. The dancing, in failed imitation of Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds or Fred Astaire and Ginger  Rogers is almost as bad as Stone’s singing. It is an incongruity of genres, none of them nearly pulled off, not even the supposed tributes to Jazz and Hollywood.

It starts with a big traffic-jam with the cast one by one getting out of their cars, singing a line or two each with those capable, I counted two, dancing and tumbling over the cars. It was poorly imitative of Grease or Saturday Night Fever but that was not where the film-script was heading. It was heading into the realms of traditional jazz but did not get there either. The relationship between Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is as incongruous as the multiple genre attempts in a typical rags to riches plot.

In Gosling’s favour at least you see him playing the piano which was about the most impressive part of the night’s entertainment. Most actors are obscured by the piano with secondary shots of someone else’s hands tickling the keys.

Stone was as mediocre as the character she played. It was however her voice that let it down. I won’t spoil it because it might be someone’s cup of tea. Not mine though. Of her songs there was one she made a fair stab at but by then there was little sympathy left for her and I did wonder just how many takes that must have taken and indeed whether it was dubbed considering previous songs.

Not content with having thrown her career down the pan she has come out as an anti-Trump supporter and further ruined what was left of her credibility in this appallingly galling attempt at the classic “I will survive”. It has taken many more thumbs down than thumbs up but it should give you some idea of what to expect from La La Land.

I am not blowing the trumpet for Donald Trump who bothers me on so many levels. I fear for the environment. I do not like the idea of him building a wall unless it is to keep the US military in the US. On the positive side his policy as stated before he takes office is to try and improve relations with Russia and that cannot be a bad thing. Also he was one of the first to see that the twin towers could not have been brought down without explosives. All engineers, real engineers, know that that was impossible. So I do believe he should be given a chance to bring a proper inquiry into what happened that took us into all the wars in the Middle East.

As to La La Land – save your money.

Lucky Break

Left clavicle distal-end fracture

First let me advise caution when reading this. I am not a doctor. There are many kinds of fracture to the clavicle and some are very complicated with multiple breaks. I do not recommend that anyone takes the same course of action as me without getting authorisation from their doctor. I am still not sure I have taken the right action. But it was authorised.

I am seventy two in March. Around midnight on 21/22 December 2016 I broke my clavicle at the distal end. Thankfully the fracture is aligned. I came off my bike after having been to a Pub Quiz (I had been drinking). This is my second clavicle break. The first, perhaps twenty years ago or more, also in a biking accident, though not my fault on that occasion, was painful. I cannot remember how long it took to be able to reach my arm above my head but it seemed a long time.

This time I was only about two hundred yards from home when I came off. The initial pain was bad, I realised, or strongly suspected, the bone was fractured, and I had difficulty managing my bike one-handed out of consideration for my injured arm. As it was a downhill slope to home I painfully remounted my bike, checked that I could use the brake with my injured arm, and slowly cruised down the slope the rest of the way home. It was much easier than trying to walk with the bike. Feeling an idiot for coming off, I really wanted to get home as soon as possible and rest it up.

Getting undressed was almost unbearable. The next morning, although painful, I discovered it was not as painful as my previous fracture had been. Nevertheless I cried out a few times getting dressed. Without any desire to shower I took myself to A&E. The physiotherapist, a nice man in a bow tie, was very understanding, examined me and the X-rays revealed the fracture. I was told I could exercise my lower arm as much as felt comfortable and a triangular sling was given me with an appointment to return the next day to get a collar and cuff fitted. He advised that the bone might not knit completely.

When I saw the consultant (Mr Alistair Marsh) the following day my main concern was when I could get back to playing golf (ridiculous I know). For putting almost straight away, and your very short game about the same I was informed. I soon found that the collar and cuff was redundant. Almost a week later I took an eight iron to my course which is within walking distance and struggled with six holes, rather unsuccessfully. I used the left arm only to position the clubface in alignment and the right for power, which was not very powerful on its own. I think I have learnt something from the experience, for example, the left arm part of the swing may be responsible for pulling the ball since although I was not hitting it very far it was going straight (when I hit it properly).

To begin with I had difficulty in getting my left arm, the fractured arm above my head without pain. What I have been doing from day one to make this easier is to force it up to say the top of a door and pull down using the door to stretch it. I have also used the sink for sideways stretches and similarly the side of the door. This gives relief and at the moment I am very optimistic of a speedy recovery. My stepson took these photos on 30/12/16 to show what mobility I had achieved by then.


Bruising round the shoulder


Left arm reach up back

Because of the pain in returning to movement I experienced with my last collar-bone fracture I have been trying to continue as normally as possible in the hope that such pain is not a feature of this break. Up to now I am optimistic. I am guessing that one of the reasons for pain lifting the arm after it has been in a sling for three weeks is that the muscles used in that operation have gone to sleep. Why I have got so much movement after the accident when all other accounts I could find on the web suggest that should not be the case I don’t know. Perhaps with some breaks it is easier than others. Anyway, not being able to find anything comparable, I spoke to my GP. He was of the same opinion as me that if I could achieve movement without much pain he saw no reason why I should not continue. The scars on my back are from a recent bout of shingles.


Left arm reach above head

I intended to try a few holes of golf again on 29/12/16 but it was very frosty so I thought not a good idea in case I fell. To treat the pain, especially early in the morning I have been using a Devil’s Claw (harpagophytum procumbens) gel which is cool and soothing. I have known about this African herb for more than forty years because my mother had a Health Food Store in the Isle of Man which my brother runs now. This is not an advert although I must say it has helped and if it has helped me it might help others. If I recall correctly we used to sell tablets for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis where proprietary treatments were not helping. The general herbal treatment for fractures traditionally is comfrey. One of comfrey’s alternative names is knitbone. Devil’s Claw however treats the soft tissue and we already had some in the house.

I have taken no other analgesics except wine to get me off to sleep at night.


Devil’s Claw Gel

The above is an edited version of a comment made to the website of Dr  Howard Luks, MD.

02/01/17 (Monday). First outing driving the car since I broke the bone. Experienced a bit of pain when changing into second gear (farthest away from shoulder) but otherwise no problems.

03/01/17 (Tuesday) I tried nine holes of almost one-handed golf. Again it was very unsuccessful and a lesson in how not to play golf. My playing partners were understanding but critical about whether I should be there so early. I decided not to continue after 9 holes though the injury had not been exacerbated.

When I get my arm into a certain position a kind of painful locking takes place so I am going to rest it for a week and see what happens. I still intend to continue doing day to day things as normally as possible with both arms since most of the time I am relatively pain-free. Working at arms’ length is uncomfortable, things like tying shoelaces can be painful, until I remember I can bend my knee and bring each foot up to my hands.

12/01/2017 (Thursday – three weeks after break)

Today I had my first 18 holes playing with both hands. It was not a great result (104) and I never got a single par. I started with a 9. Nevertheless most of the golf was acceptable and my left shoulder stood up well. I had a good number of bogeys with 4s on all par threes except one (which was a 6). I had another 9 coming in (on a par 5) and 52 on each half. Towards the end it was quite miserable. I was getting a bit of gyp and it was raining for the last seven holes. I put some more gel on when I got home and now, 8.15 p.m., it is comfortable again. I think it is mending well.


Three months before the fracture at Lickey Hills. Photo credit: Aris

What I recall over the last eight days is that when I cease activity there is pain and some difficulty getting my arm back into action, especially with rotary movements, like inadvertently trying to pull a sweater over my shoulders as I used to do before my accident.  It seems to lock somehow and the muscle really hurts near the upper scapula almost like cramp. I always try to do the reverse of what I did before the locking took place. My solution to this locking, as it has been throughout, is to pull down on the top of door for example, not too heavily, then to push up under the door joist. One or the other or both tends to free it and take away the pain. Remember mine is a simple fracture.

I got a copy of a letter today to my surgery which was dictated 23 December 2016 and typed on 7th January 2017 after my visit to the QE Trauma Department. It shows that I have been doing the right thing in exercising while not very painful. It contained the following:

“He can gradually increase his level of activities as tolerated and return to doing things when he wants to. He can get back to playing golf as soon as he is able to wield a club and he can start driving when he feels it is safe to do so.”

This sound advice was given me verbally at the Trauma Department as well so I feel things are progressing well. I suspect the fact that the fracture according to the letter “is completely undisplaced” accounts for why I have been able to approach normality as quickly as I have. Many people with clavicle fractures have their arms in a sling for three weeks and thankfully I have been lucky enough to be where I am now. I cannot yet sleep on that side comfortably, but I hope to be able to do so soon.

13/01/2017 (Friday)

There are conflicting views on how fractured clavicles might be treated. I am almost certain everybody who gets one starts looking for advice. I am further convinced from what I’ve read that every case is different and each should be treated individually. For me I have been listening to my body and only doing what I consider not to be too strenuous while at the same time trying to get back to normal as soon as possible. I have lifted this text from the site beneath. It contains advice from experts.

“Non Operative treatment (middle third)
Treatment is purely symptomatic.
A little movement stimulates healing, too much movement slows it down.
A broad arm sling is used to support the arm for comfort. Use the arm for the activities of daily living, lifting nothing much heavier than a cup of tea for six weeks. This is then followed by a gradual increase in activities both in intensity and duration.
The clicking and movement of the fracture gradually reduces as the bones begin to become sticky and set.
“Listen” to the fracture, not literally but figuratively. If it aches a little that is OK, if it really hurts and aches that night or the next day after increased activity you have done a little too much.
That does not mean stop completely, just come down a little on your activities followed by a graduated increase in activity.”

Treatment of the lateral third is the same as treatment for the middle third.

Why am I healing so fast when others take so much longer is hard to say. I cannot account for it. Is it because I got straight back on my bike at the time of the injury? Has it fractured in a place where it is less painful? Is some of it based on desire or willpower to get better? I have read of people with clavicle trauma getting back to the gym after 3 weeks but they are usually cyclists not wanting their leg muscles to get out of shape. Is it because I have been using my shoulder muscles from day one? Is it because Devil’s Claw gel has enabled me to use these muscles? Have hospitals seen thousands of cases like mine? It may be with uncomplicated non-displaced fractures they do heal much faster. So nobody writes about them. Who knows? There seems to be nothing available about rapid healing on any searches I have done. My appointment at the trauma unit is on 3rd February when I hope to be given the all clear. Anyway I consider my fracture to be a lucky break.

The IAAF Olympics Committee is worse than Adolf Hitler

At the time of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow for political reasons, purportedly over the USSR’s involvement in Afghanistan, Margaret Thatcher urged athletes not to compete in the Moscow Olympics and supporters to boycott the Games. One of the athletes who defied this advice was Sebatian Coe, who won a gold medal in the 1500 metres. I defied the advice too and went to Moscow where I was treated extremely well. Thatcher did not ban athletes from competing, she just advised them not to go.

The same Sebastian Coe who defied Thatcher has now, as President of the IAAF, spoiled the dreams of athletes, who like him in 1980, have been training for life for this opportunity. It is clearly a political decision and has nothing to do with the few athletes of all nations who choose to cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs. Sadly politics has ruined sport and sportsmanship as I demonstrated in my last post.

Ever since the west set up a puppet-government in Ukraine and imposed sanctions against Russia for following the wishes of the population of Crimea and its alleged military involvement in the civil-war started by Poroshenko, the west has not missed an opportunity to try to punish Russia. Blame Russia. Blame Putin. These are the slogans on the lips of every MSM mouthpiece.

It disturbs me that my country, and other western countries, have gone down the same road as Adolf Hitler in his attitude towads black and non-Aryan people including athetes. Thankfully Hitler was put in his place and Jesse Owens returned to the US with four gold medals only to be snubbed by President Roosevelt. Racism against blacks was the bigotry of the day replaced today by persecution of Muslims. The west in its xenophobic hatred of Russians is no different from Hitler.

Sebastian Coe, no angel himself and in the middle of several corruption scandals, should be ashamed of himself for toadying to the US/UK attempts to discredit Russia. The US economy is on its last legs and this is a cynical diversionary tactic. As a lad I used to run, I was never any good, at the various clubs in the West Riding including Hallamshire (where Coe ran). Coe should think back to those days and all the work he put in building up the speed and stamina that made his dream come true. Then he should consider what this stupid decision of the IAAF has done to crush the dreams of good honest Russian athletes. Nobody from Russia will compete under any flag but Russian.

Can somebody with the knowledge please start a petition to support Russian athletes? I’ll link it here and spread it. Thanks.